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Accurate excavating with air vacuum!

Let us save you time and money on your next excavating project.

Take advantage of our expert Air-Vac excavating team on your next project and discover the benefits of waterless excavation! The lack of water means our system is perfectly suited for soft-dig trenching or exposing of located utilities, and makes jobs such as window well drain cleaning or fence post digging a breeze.

Benefits of AirVac:

Air-Vacuum Excavation Efficiency

- Eliminates need to continually transport and dispose of mud spoils and replenish water supplies
- Spoils stay dry for fast, efficient backfilling
- Reduced job costs mean increased revenues and profits

Air-Vacuum Excavation Safety

- Unlike water HydroVac—a non-compressible fluid that can cut or otherwise damage utilities—air is compressible, won’t
damage utilities and is non-conductive
- Water is conductive, making it especially dangerous around buried electrical utilities—air-vacuum excavation
makes injuries and damage claims much less likely and results in increased revenues and profits.
- Air won’t damage the road base and won’t spread contamination plumes

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